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Loading Bays

Loading Bay

The key to safe docking and handling of goods

Provectus Doors offer a variety of loading bay equipment designed to ease the flow of goods into your building.

We pride ourselves on the ability to supply, installation & repair of loading bay equipment. Our products from reputable loading bay manufacturers are suitable for all applications, manufacturing, distribution, retail, commercial, schools, hospitals amongst others.

Provectus Doors supply, install, repair & maintain all different loading bay products which include:

✅ Dock Levellers
✅ Dock Shelters
Impact Buffers
✅ Traffic Light Systems
✅ Steel Fixed Wheel Guides
✅ Wheel Locks

We offer all aspects of welding / fabrication works to any loading bay products or dock solutions.

The Benefits of Loading Bay Equipment:

Loading Bay Equipment covers a range of areas and incorporates a wide variety of different safety equipment. These include Dock Bumpers, Dock Seals, Wheel Guides and more.

Dock Bumpers are a method of preventing damage and offering protection within the loading bay environment. With a high risk of accidents and the potential of risk due to constant heavy traffic that is seen within loading bays the Dock Bumpers are an ideal solution to limit the damage.

Dock Bumpers don’t completely protect against all accidents but they do provide substantial protection to your loading bay. Dock Bumpers should be a requirement for any company that is looking to use and improve their loading bay.

Dock Levellers are important for any business that is frequently using their loading bay that sees significant heavy goods usage. The importance of Dock Levellers cannot be underestimated, especially with regards to health and safety when dealing with heavy weights. They play a key role in ensuring safe and efficient loading of items.

Another important piece of equipment for your Loading Bay is the use of Inflatable Air Bags. These act as a versatile and highly effective sealing system. They’re suitable for a wide range of vehicles as well as providing substantial sealing. The inflatable Air Bags we use also ensure that no pressure is transmitted through vehicle to building.

No loading bay is complete without sufficient Dock Seals that keep your vehicles protected. Dock Seals are perhaps one of more basic methods of sealing, however, they remain an efficient and cost effective method for your Loading Bay.

Docking Houses are becoming a popular choice for loading bay owners. They our situated apart from the main building and take up less internal storage space than that of in-built Dock Levellers. They are also easy to manage as they shouldn’t require temperature monitoring.

Dock Loading Systems – Technical Data

Vehicle detection buffers can activate other dock equipment such as traffic lights. The link between loading bay operations and vehicle movement ensures a safer working environment.

There are many different types of dock levellers, Loading Bay Dock Shelters, Dock Loading Bay Systems and a wide variety of accessories.

Retractable Dock Shelters are very suitable for the food industry and other applications where hygiene is of particular importance. Retractable Dock Shelters can be used with a range of commercial vehicles.

Sliding buffers are available to prevent the usual damage caused by vehicles with air suspension whilst in contact with the buffer. Hence, replacement costs are significantly reduced.

Inflatable Dock Shelters are the ultimate in thermal insulation, helping to seal your environment thereby saving you money. It can cater for your needs even in circumstances of high variations in vehicle heights and widths.

Installation of wheel Guides and Bollards are used to help direct the traffic to where it should be, in order to prevent injury to staff and damage to the building and dock equipment.