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High Speed Doors

Versatile High Speed Doors

Smooth and rapid movement action

The Provectus range of high speed doors are designed to be used in various environment which may include, warehousing, distribution, factories, cold storage facilities or any other commercial or industrial facility. The high speed doors are designed to effectively reduce t he level of noise pollution, reducing odour pollution as well as ensuring the internal temperature is get at a constant level. The high speed doors are also designed to help reduce the level of contamination as well as maintain your green credential and reducing your energy bills.

The Provectus range of high speed doors can be operated by standard dead man control, or can be made fully automatic with the aid of the following:

✅ induction ground loops
✅ infra red radar activation
✅ pull cord
✅ remote control key fob
✅ swipe card access

There Is An Important Feature That High Speed Doors Are Good For

Our high speed doors can be encompassed into your existing security roller shutter or sectional overhead loading bay door to maximise climate control, and to protect the high speed door curtain at night from vandalism.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and saving comes as standard when you choose Provectus range of high speed doors. Once the desired temperature – cold or warm – is achieved it is easily maintained through the fast opening and closing speed doors. Energy loss remains low and you are constantly saving costs.

Traffic Distribution

High speed door systems primarily directive is for usage in high traffic areas. As they are under constant pressure to perform both function and reliably at all times the Provectus doors are guaranteed for a long durable service life as standard; our knowledge of innovative engineering is the key for the outstanding quality of our high-speed door range which also includes the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and durability. Of course, our highly skilled employees stand behind the technology to deliver a reliable.