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Galvanised Steel Shutters

Galvanised Steel Shutters

Secure and strong shutters for commercial use

Designed and manufactured in the UK to industry standards, our range of galvanised roller shutters are suited to various commercial or domestic premises whether that be garage doors, shop fronts, warehouses, offices or private residence, the galvanised steel doors offer great value for money. These types of galvanised steel roller doors are available in a choice of manual or electric operation in hundreds of width and height combinations and an enhanced safety feature. The doors are supplied in a hard wearing galvanised steel finish as standard or the availability of powder coating if required. Colour specific is also available if required.

Steel shutters are used to help prevent unauthorised access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and whatever entrances they may be protecting. When open, the shutters provide an almost unobstructed aperture as the shutter and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. Furthermore, the steel doors are tough and have a long life with little maintenance required.

Operation Options:

• Manual spring and Lock operation (for smaller shutters)
• Manual hand chain operation for (larger shutters)
• Electric – Single phase (for lower use and smaller shutters)
• Electric – Three phase (for large or heavily used shutters)

Please Note: our electrically operated shutters are available with wall mounted push buttons, key fobs and many other access

Finishing Options:

• Galvanised finish (Standard for steel)
• Aluminium finish (Standard for aluminium)
• Plastisol finish
• All RAL powder coat option

We are certified and approved to install electrical components for steel shutters .