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Automatic Folding Doors

Space Saving Doors

Where you need to maximise the area

The key emphasis is on the lack of space. Where space dictates that neither a sliding nor a swing door can be considered, an automatic folding door provides an ideal option. Its versatile compact construction makes this type of door the ultimate space-saver. We supply and install automatic folding glass doors for better visibility or plastic folding doors if you prefer.

Folding Door

The elegant compact folding door automation solution is impressive as a result of its graceful appearance. The auto door system is supplied completely prefabricated from attractively shaped special profiles.The enhanced safety features are designed with optimum customer safety.

• Barrier-free construction: can be easily fitted with contact-free switches and programmed with longer opening times

• Industrial Units

• Aircraft Hangars

• Factories

• Boat Yards

• Agricultural Units

• Air-lock and porch function: two coordinated door systems control access or prevent the movement of air between the interior and the exterior

• Building automation: integration into existing building management systems