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Maintenance Contracts

For Industrial or Commercial

Your roller shutters or doors are important to you and for your business. To ensure that you continue trading with minimum fuss, it is vital to service them at least once a year. This will keep the rollers and the doors efficient and durable. Provectus Doors can assess the premises and compile a report to identify your assets and its effectiveness. It enables us to quickly identify the type of shutter you are having problems with when you call us. This helps us to prepare in advance and provide an excellent service when we call.

Time is money and when your business is not operating because your roller shutters have failed, then you are losing money. This is likely to be much more than what it costs to maintain shutters annually. Furthermore, we offer discounted rates on callouts and rapid repair work. Please contact us for further details on our prices and we will provide an individual quote for you based on your premises.


The Health and Safety at Work Act states that roller shutters or doors should be serviced at least once a year whether they are manual or electrically operated.

Here at Provectus Doors, we always advise to maintain any electric roller shutter or door you may purchase from us on an annual basis. This is to ensure that all moving components are in good working order and functions as it should. It is an advantage for you to identify problematic parts that may be wearing out or losing its purpose gradually and to replace it before it leads to a more expensive concern. Most warranties insist on annual servicing for your roller shutters.


Health and Safety

We can create a front that stands out and truly reflects your business and the message you want to convey with all regulations covered.

Quality Workmanship

Whether you require large shutters and doors to promote your company or some more subtle roller access in an unlikely area.

Rapid Response

We have the skills and resources to respond quickly to your emergency. Whether you want a corporate level repair or restart small business.


What Does Maintenance Includes?

✅ Fixings checks
✅ Safety features checks
✅ Moving parts lubrication
✅ Minor adjustments or repairs
✅ Smaller payment options
✅ Better cash flow

We can maintain many types of shutters and industrial doors including sliding folding doors, overhead doors, entrance doors, fire shutters, automatic doors and security shutters. If you have something different or bespoke, then contact us and we can discuss your options. We have already repaired customised shutters and believe that no maintenance work is beyond us. Do you just need a 'ONE OFF SERVICING' for your roller shutter? Well, this is available for those wanting temporary solutions at competitive rates. For any further questions then contact our specialist team on 01282 449 285 or submit an online contact form.