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24hrs Emergency Repairs

Is My Shutter Repair An Emergency?

What to do in an emergency or if you are not sure

In the first instance of a roller shutter issue, it is best to give us a call on 01282 449 285 and explain what is the problem for us to diagnose the emergency. If you need emergency shutter repair or your roller shutter has been damaged during out of hours, call our emergency number or email us.

We can repair or do maintenance of roller shutters across the country.

This following general list may be used to identify emergency 24 hours repairs for roller shutters:


• Total loss of electrical power (but not when a supply company has shut off supply)
• Unsafe power or lighting socket or electrical fitting.
• Total loss of communal power to a set of shutters.
• Remote or other access control malfunction.


• Roller bearing breakdown.
• Deformed or damaged shutter restricting movement.
• Jammed or stuck roller shutter.
• Any metal work posing a serious danger to health and safety.


• Dangerous or missing brickwork, concrete or rendering surrounding your shutters likely to cause injury or damage to the mechanism of your roller shutter.
• Damaged or missing protective covers or inspection chamber covers.