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Install Quality Roller Shutters

Industrial strength rollers

Provectus Doors industrial steel roller shutters provide vehicle access and security for internal and external applications of properties and buildings such as warehouses, utility buildings and shopping centres. The range of security grills additionally help protect pedestrian areas such as high street frontages, catering and leisure facilities.
The key benefits of choosing Provectus Doors:
  • Industry standard specification
  • Robust and durable build quality
  • Simple low maintenance design
  • Easy to manage
  • Electric or manual operation
  • Wide range of colour finishes
  • Powder coating option available

Rigorous Speed Tests

Fast and smooth operation

In demanding external situations where speed, security and insulation are ranked high, our metal roller shutters are ideal to withstand constant usage whilst retaining the incredibly fast and smooth qualities. We use the same solid components throughout our roller shutter applications to ensure consistency for a modernised and reliable excellence.
Designing a system for high traffic flow and trouble free operation require testing in extreme conditions. We test our manual and electric roller shutters against speed thoroughly in set conditions and, for a true representative of measure, we test extensively in several real life settings.
Provectus Doors have a reputation for an extensive range of quality roller shutters in the UK. Using only robust materials made with superior craftsmanship you can be assured our products will continuously serve you well and offer a low cost maintenance. For a more bespoke concept based on the same speed tested components, get in touch with our fully qualified engineers.

Annual Security Inspections

We care about your security

  • Adaptable contracts
  • New compliance checks
  • Efficiency servicing
  • Qualified professionals
  • Monitoring directives
  • Competitive prices
The Workplace Regulations 1992, Regulation on Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems, submits a compulsory advice to ensure that your commercial roller shutters and doors are inspected at least once a year.
Provectus Doors provide a scheduled maintenance plan devised entirely to your requirements and specifications. It consists of a fault diagnostics design, comprehensive documentation and high standard work from specialists engineers to give you a complete economic package. We take care of your equipment with efficiency in mind so that you spend time on what you do best.

Repair and Inspection Service

Customer's shutter repairing

Provectus Doors are specialists in all types of industrial, commercial and domestic roller shutters and doors repairs. We understand that accidents happen and can damage roller shutters where it may not function at all. Whether it is an external, internal issue or a substandard installation, we have the expertise to repair using only high quality parts.
From insulated and heavy duty industrial shutters to the more secure commercial shutters, we've got the right repair service or inspection plan for your business from our Nelson based service.
  • Professional cleaning
  • Monthly roller inspections
  • Inner mechanism cleaning
  • Fast pulley switching
  • Shutter painting assets
  • Adjusting parts and stuff
  • Repair links and connectors
  • Creating new shutter blades